National and International Organizations concerned by political tensions in El Salvador
The events of Sunday, February 9th have pushed the country to a heightened level of political and social tension, weakening democracy and jeopardizing peace
<p>Foto de El Faro: Víctor Peña.</p>

San Salvador and the Americas, February 10th 2020.- Twenty-seven national and international organizations spoke on Monday in the face of the events in that have occurred in San Salvador. We have included the statement below.

"National and international civil society organizations and human rights defenders are observing, with serious concern, the events that are threatening peace in El Salvador. These events  began on February 7th and further unfolded on Sunday February 9th, as a result of the high political tension between the Legislative Assembly and the executive body of El Salvador, and have nurtured a crisis that could weaken the countrys democracy.

Taking into account the President's discretionary use of insurrection, the endangered independence of the organs of the State, and the various attacks on the right to information and press, which are the very backbone of the constitutional order of a democratic state, we consider that this day has led to a dangerous degree of political and social tension in the country. Throughout its history, El Salvador has experienced various episodes of such tensions which have left immeasurable tolls on the country, the last of which are still being debated, without any true national reconciliation.

Considering the lessons learned from these events, which undermine democratization and weaken political institutions and systems, we call for:

  • The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, to respect legally established protocol, independence, separation of powers and democratic institutions, and maintain peace and dialogue.
  • In his duties, to seek social harmony and find channels of coordination with the Legislative Assembly, respecting the constitution of El Salvador.
  • The President of the Legislative Assembly, Mario Ponce, to prioritize the legal security and peace of the Salvadoran people at all times.
  • The Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court to exercise constitutional control as appropriate in these cases.

It is essential to resume the active participation of civil society in the decisions made on behalf of the Salvadoran people and their needs. The voices are diverse and numerous, and it is crucial to act without overlooking the legal, political, and social effects that impact every individual and society as a whole.

The human person is the origin and the end of the activity of the State, it is time to build from the attainment of justice, legal certainty and the common good".

National and International Organizations:

AMATE El Salvador

Development Programs and Projects Consultancy- ASPRODE

Atlacatl- Vivo Positivo Association

Citizen's Group for the Decriminalization of Abortion

Latin American Block on Migration

Center for Justice and International Law- CEJIL

Central American Resource Center of Northern California CARECEN

Human Rights Center of Southern Texas 

Feminist Collective for Local Development

Open House Collective of Santo Tomás

Our March Collective


Women's Regional Pact for Decent Work

Committee of Family Members of Deceased and Disappeared Migrants of El Salvador COFAMIDE

Committee of Family Members of Deceased and Disappeared Migrants of Honduras COFAMICENH

Alejandría Collective

Center for the Promotion of Human Rights Madeleine Lagadec


Foundation for Justice and the Democratic State of Law Fundación para la Justicia y el Estado Democrático de Derecho 

Due Process of Law Foundation -DPLF

Foundation for Law Enforcement Studies- FESPAD

El Salvador Independent Monitoring Group GMIES

Civil Society Board Againts Forced Displacement caused by violence

Women Transforming

Salvadoran Network of Women Human Rights Defenders

Pasionist Social Service SSPAS

Washington Office on Latin America WOLA